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The Netherlands Psychoanalytic Group


The Netherlands Psychoanalytic Group is a recently founded active society. It finds haits roots in over a century of psychoanalytic tradition and experience
Its aim the is to train psychoanalysts and further psychoanalysts to practice psychoanalysis. A basis position of the NPAG is to view psychoanalysis as an encounter between two persons. So as to, creating a space, uniquely psychoanalytic, which should not befree from influence of third parties, such as public agencies and insurances? The NPAG wants mto stimulate psychoanalysis in private practice be it not exclusively.


The NPAG holds the practice of psychoanalysis as a complicated, specialized, but also fascinating, profession, which needs to be acquired through dedicated training over a number years exclusively.


Psychoanalysis takes the inner world of man as its subject giving special attention to unconscious psychic processes. Psychoanalytic theory views conscious psychic processes as but a small part of psychic functioning, the greater part of which takes an unconscious course. E.g. we usually know whether we like or dislike somebody, but what motivates us for this often remains not conscious for us. We notice our morning moods, but we have but a vague notion how this mood has come about. Sometimes we even may be not aware of how we feel. Only stress, restlessness or an empty feeling may emerge. Psychoanalytic theory takes as its point of departure that much of our behaviour, our feelings, but also our cognitive and somatic functioning is under the influence of unconscious psychodynamics.


Persons in general, but specially those with psychic problems, can profit by psychoanalysis, to get in touch with unconscious psychodynamics.